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We still have space in each session at this time.

Review the videos on this page and our daily schedule for the camp. This can be life-changing for your child. We know it has been for our team.

As a parent, you want the best for your child. We all want them to experience more in their lives than we had in ours.

This also means having special summer experiences. The kind that they will always remember. Something amazing their Mom, Dad, or grandparents did for them.

But how do you choose a camp, and what kind of camp is the best for your child?

For new campers, the best way to start is with a day camp. The children get great experiences but they do not have to miss home, and you do not have the high expense of an overnight camp.

Also, these days the ideal camp should include physical activity. We all need to be active when we are young. Kids love video games, but they need to be active. So instead of sending your child to a day camp where the only exercise they get is with their thumbs, send them to a camp full of activity, and fun.

Take some time and view the videos on this page to find out more.

Martial Arts Summer Camp

This is an amazing opportunity for your child to grow and get the level of care and attention we all hope for our child.

Look at the photos and videos on this page, you can also reach out to come to one of our open house nights to meet some of the instructors, and see the training in person. We welcome parents and new students.

All of the members of our team are committed to seeing that the campers learn, grow and develop real skills while having fun at the same time.

It is remarkable to see the growth in a camper or young student after just a week. After one or more camp sessions you will see the joy and sense of self-accomplishment in your child’s eye.

Register now before summer camp for your preferred session is full.

Our summer camp offers a lot more than just martial arts. Each day within the two-week camp offers a variety of fun and educational activities that are sure to keep each camper engaged and wanting to come back for more!

Listen to a Happy Camper

This short video lets you hear from one of our students.

Also, hear from one of our student’s parents first hand.

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Our daily schedule is engaging and fun.

Take a look at our daily schedule for our summer camp sessions.


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9AM Team Building

Team building time is a great way to start the day. In connects the campers and helps them get mentally ready for the day. This time often includes brain games to get the mind active and engaged.

9:30AM Rhythm Training

Rhythm Training is something that is wonderful for the morning hours. This training is so fun that when adults see it they want to join in.

10AM Muay Thai

Muay Thai is great because of the fitness it builds, and the dynamic movement involved. If you remember the knee raises in gym class when you were young, imagine someone made them so fun, you wanted to do them and kick, and learn to block, all during the same class time.

11AM Yoga

Yoga we moved them and got amazing effort from your camper that was fun. Now they can relax, stretch and build more muscle with Yoga. All marital arts can help a student calm their mind, and bring the body and mind together. 

Lunch Time

11:30AM -12:30PM Lunch

Time to rest and have a great nutritious lunch. Unlike other camps you do not have to pack a lunch we include it for you. This is the time for campers to spend time getting to know each other and the instructors. We have found these relationships are so positive that many students stay in touch year after year with their friends.

12:30PM Progressive Skill Development

Building on the results from previous efforts we spend 30 minutes on focused skill development. This is key to building self confidence and personal accountability.


1PM Brazillian Jiu Jitsu

Brazillian Jiu Jitsu is more than just trendy. It is a style that offers real skills for self defense at any age. You will also see your camper’s fitness improve fast with this training. It’s fun but it also teaches important lessons, while building new muscle.

2PM Library Time

Library time allows your child to calmly reflect on the efforts of the day. This is also a social time for campers. Yes they have opportunity to interact during class time, but this is another chance to make those lifelong friendships.

3PM Performance Practice

As a master instructor this is what I call practical application time. This is where we help the campers learn to practice their new skills and perform them with feedback that helps them improve. 

3:30PM-5PM After Hours

We understand that life can be demanding. So we also provide the option to extend the day for you camper from 3:30-5PM every day of camp.

Here one of our instructors talks about his experience with Martial Arts and why he loves helping campers learn and grow.

It’s important for campers to have role models. We make certain our campers get the best trainers from diverse backgrounds. Sandy shares her passion helping kids learn in this brief video.

Time to register is running out act now!








So what is the cost for the summer camp?

We offer an all-inclusive pricing structure. This includes all of the training, lunch, and all hour from 9AM-3:30 PM daily.

Each full 10 day 2-week camp session is only $499 for the full session.

When are your camp sessions?

This year by popular demand we will be offering 3 sessions.

Session 1 June 10-21st
Session 2 July 15-26th
Session 3 Aug 19-30th

You can book your camper for any session before they are full or all 3 sessions to fill their summer with fun and activity. 

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Sign up is easy and you can even pay securely online.

Blitz Summer Camp Staff can’t wait for the summer to start!

Get ready to:
• Find common ground with diverse friends
• Hone martial arts skills with experienced staff
• Grow socially, academically, and physically
• Create connections with staff and new friends
• Discover and sharpen your strengths

Recognizing the need for a well-rounded martial arts summer program for children, Blitz Summer Camp seeks to provide martial arts instruction from knowledgeable coaches while incorporating a curriculum which allows students to express their knowledge physically and academically. Additionally, Blitz Summer Camp combines 4 easily understood and reinforced core values that will help your child grow more aware of and confident in their unique identity:

Core Value #1: Discipline
Students will learn to consistently follow directions, remain attentive and conscientious during all camp activities. This includes completing all tasks in the expected timeframe, sorting and cleaning all required equipment and being prepared and fully present for all activities.

Core Value #2: Respect
Students will demonstrate the proper attitude towards their teammates, their instructors and about themselves. Blitz expects all members to treat all individuals inside the classroom as equals regardless of any differences in upbringing or attitude.

Core Value #3: Grit
Students are expected to try their best during all activities, especially ones that are physically demanding or mentally challenging. Students will never be forced to complete an activity they cannot do however all students are expected to make a valiant effort to accomplish the task at hand.

Core Value #4: Teamwork
Students are expected to work together at all times to complete their assignments, distribute equipment and welcome new members to the classroom.
In addition to the successful careers in Mixed Martial Arts competition, our staff is trained to implement Responsive Classroom techniques that are used in many schools. Responsive Classroom is a method of behavioral modification that strives to instill the social and emotional competencies children need to be successful in and out of the classroom. Responsive Classroom reinforces positive social skills while teaching children to become more self-aware. You will observe staff using logical consequences, Reminding, Reinforcing, and Redirecting language. Each class ends with our instructor leading a “Closing Circle” where students can reflect on the lessons learned during the hour and Instructors can reinforce our core values based upon your child’s behavior in class.

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Sign up is easy and you can even pay securely online.

Why Summer Camp?

This is a personal story. Now many years ago I went to my first Summer Camp. I was a child dealing with ADHD and learning disabilities at school.  When tested they said I had a high IQ and I was someone who should have an easy time in school.

The problem for me was that I could not read more than one sentence without getting lost with what I was reading. So I struggled in school and always felt less than, or even stupid (as I called it) during my school years.

Going to camp gave me the opportunity to feel like everyone else. Since camp did not involve the things I struggled with in school, it gave me the opportunity to feel like a normal kid. I was able to play and enjoy sports with my peers without worry or fear of being compared to anyone.

No one would hear me read and struggle when I had to read out loud. You did not do that in camp. Instead, you played with friends and learned skills.

The camp was the place that gave me the opportunity to be a child and feel like I had a normal life for a few weeks. Parents, I can not tell you what that meant to me.

Looking back now as a man about to be 50 years of age I am so grateful for everyone at my camp. I got to go to my camp for 3 weeks during the summer and for 3 years. It shaped and changed my life.

I can tell you honestly now that I also feel it saved my life. The pressures of life are real. Being at camp gives your child an opportunity to do well at something different. To be accepted for who they are, and to be found special by a group of friends.

I continued my Martial Arts training over the years and eventually reached the 6th degree level of Black Belt. It is something that gives me confidence in any situation today. If I walk into a boardroom for business, or down a poorly lit street I have confidence. Not arrogance but confidence.

If you have any way to afford to send your child to camp make this sacrifice. This is something that is worth every penny and then some. This camp is also very affordable. Literally priced that way to help parents be able to afford this option because Blitz wants to help.

Now is the time to use the credit card, or even to put off buying that toy or game system. It is time to give them a gift that will last a lifetime. If I won the lottery tomorrow I would pay to fill these sessions with children like me. Children that somehow just did not fit in. Whether it is because of learning issues, social issues, or just being different in any way.

Kids need a break from themselves. Especially now!

They need to put down their smartphones, or not pick one up this summer. Stop playing video games 24/7 and get active.

The fitness alone would be reason enough to get your child in one or more of these sessions. What I guarantee is that the thing that will make the difference will be the connections they make that last a lifetime. The self-confidence and discipline they learn will shape and change their lives in ways you can not imagine. If this is your child’s first summer camp maybe start with one session. Just 10 days. Consider it the most important investment in their future.

We hope to see your child at one or more of these sessions. Let’s make this happen in 2019. This is their year, their opportunity.

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